Pickles Ventures was founded to find disruptive, early stage start-ups that align with our vision of the future. This division will act as an incubation unit where the businesses can leverage Pickles' vast experience to create new offerings for the marketplace.

Pickles Ventures encompasses cobranded Pickles businesses as well as independent entities across Australia and Asia.

The Datium Insights platform leverages data from millions of historical vehicle sales in combination with vehicle market trends and forecasting to deliver timely, accurate data that can drive more accurate buying and selling decisions.

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Pickles Asia delivers advanced auction management software and services to the Southeast Asia region, with expertise in reclaiming value in vehicles, salvage and heavy machinery across multiple industries: banking, insurance, corporate and private sales.

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CarZapp was developed to fill a gap that existed in the wholesale market across the entire automotive industry. Over the past two years, the app has been developed by a close knit group of professionals sharing more than 50 years of automotive and IT industry experience.

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iungo is a cost management system for vehicles. It relies on a reader, about the size of a matchbox, which plugs in, under the dashboard.
It delivers real time data about the car’s computer to your office or smartphone. This real-time and accurate data reporting helps you to better understand your fleet’s usage, its carbon footprint and the impact of driver behaviour. The cost savings are considerable.

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Expanding into New Business

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“For over 50 years, Pickles has forged a reputation for being entrepreneurial; innovation remains at the heart of our business. We‘re building relationships and supporting Aussie-owned and Asian-based start-ups who value our expertise and will assist us in continuing to create trusted marketplaces. Ultimately, we want to find simple solutions to our customers' problems.”

Pickles Ventures Businesses 

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